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My story

I am Tony Thomas, an Indian. It's Better to say that I am a Malayali. I was very much attracted by the world of computer and information technology from a very small age. I wondered what makes our computers work and how are the softwares made for my windows  computer!

My quest for the knowledge even made  heights as my father  brought me a new Android Tablet.

I thought that one day I will make something that this device would support. That was when I was in 9th standard. with great research i found that Google helps us to make android apps.

From Developers.android.com I have completed  the basic and made my first app.  My Tablet don't had a flashlight and it was very difficult for us to move in dark.  I used to put my tablet screen in full brightness and get some light. Anyway my first app was a torchlight for devices without flash light. All I did was I put a white screen with full brightness in the app.

Now I am with you to build anything